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The colors of the sky keep changing throughout the day, from pale pink at dawn to a dazzling blue at mid morning and a bright orange by sunset and purple by twilight.

Sometimes during our holidays we spend our whole day by watching TV, reading news paper, playing indoor games or on the computer but we forgot that outside the door we can do something interesting in the lap of nature ad natural environment.

Nature has not only a variety of scenes but also a varied appeal for man. The poet felt that he had acquired a great treasure. And this view of nature includes an inherent call to protect that which is true, good, and beautiful. In the evening when sun sets it again becomes dark orange and then light dark.

Essay for students Target Age Group: Nature has been the most favourite topic of the works of many famous poets, writers, painters and artists. To speak truly, beauty of nature cannot be described by common people. The beautiful word picture of the harvested with scythe in his hand, drowsy under the influence of poppies, is immortal.

If we do not take any step towards nature conservation, we are keeping our future generations at danger. Little do we see in Nature that is ours. Our mood also gets changed according to the nature such as happy and hopeful at sun shine, rainy season and spring season. It would have been better if they just listen to the music of the birds, feel the rattle of the breeze and enjoy fresh air around them.

Ponder it, Emerson, and not like the foolish world, hanker after thunders and multitudes and vast landscapes, the sea or Niagara. Nature is full of beauties and blessings for humanity.

Nature Essay

Emerson seems to think that beauty in the natural world is not limited to certain parts of nature to the exclusion of others.

All though the day it changes it beauty like in the morning when sun rises everything looks bright orange and then yellowish.

386 Words Essay on Nature’s Beauty

Nature can fill our lives with real joy, goodness and happiness. It has a healing touch of its own. A ruined body or a broken mind find a lot of comfort and consolation in the lap of nature.

He cites natural structures as lacking superfluities, an observation that in general has been confirmed by the advancement of biology. We should thankful to our nature for helping, caring and nurturing us like a mother. And this experience of the beautiful through the intellect may reinforce our attributing value to nature here as well, but a deeper kind of value, the intrinsic value I talked about in the last essay.

Lightning strikes during the eruption of the Galunggung volcanoWest Javain Resting quietly under the tree by the side of a singing rivulet brings to the mind a feeling of intense joy in the simple act of living.

Only a simple heart can enjoy the beauty of nature. As an artist he imitates nature and worships it in his songs, in his painting and in his sculpture. Every form of nature is very powerful which has ability to nourish as well as destroy us. It is very frequently said that modern civilization has become extremely material and commercial.

That is why Wordsworth wrote: It is wrong to believe that the poets alone are the lovers of Nature. The poet felt that he had acquired a great treasure. We can hear Emerson wrangle with himself on this very point in the words of this journal entry: Nature is like our real mother which never harms us but always nourishes us.

Nature is opposed to artificiality, urbanization and modernity. Often it is merely the perception of these things itself which gives us pleasure, and this emotional or affective response on our part seems to be crucial to our experience of beauty. Nature has power to recover the patients from their diseases if they are provided with the required and pleasant environment.

Sky changes its colour all through the day from pale pink at sunrise, dazzling blue in late morning, bright orange in evening at sunset and purple by twilight.

words essay for students on Beauties of Nature Man has in different ways tried to appreciate the beauties of nature and solve her mysteries. To a scientist, nature has been a puzzle and a. Kids Essay On Beauty Of Nature  BEAUTIES OF NATURE We live among the beauties of nature and beauties of nature live in All around can be seen the mysteries of the animate and the inanimate objects of nature offer new scenes like a film on the is an integral part of our lives.

But even while we appreciate the blessings she bestows on us, we forget that we are. This is the unified philosophy of nature that I set out to explicate in the first essay – nature is the source of truth, goodness, and beauty, because of its intelligible structure, and because of its production of organisms that can recognize that structure, us.

Short essay/paragraph about Nature for kids,students and a famous poet said, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” My garden- short paragraph/simple essay; Many a poets have described nature in its full beauty. If we live hand in hand with nature we can avoid being stressed.

The beauty of nature has been extolled in the [ ] Navigation. Words Essay on Nature’s Beauty.

646 words essay for students on Beauties of Nature

Article shared by. Nature is an integral part of our lives. But even while we appreciate the blessings she bestows on us, we forget that we are plundering her treasures and thereby denying our children the pleasure of enjoying nature in all.

386 Words Essay on Nature’s Beauty

Nature Essay 4 ( words) Nature is the most precious and valuable gift to us from the God to live our life here on the earth.

Nature makes our life easy by providing all the required resources for daily living.

Simple essay on beauty of nature
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